Dice hat heute eine Limited Edition zum kommenden Battlefield: Bad Company 2 angekündigt. Diese Edition beinhaltet sechs spezielle Gameplay Unlocks, die dem Spieler einen taktischen Vorteil verschaffen. So haben Besitzer der Limited Edition von Anfang an einen Vorteil in Mehrspielermatches. Folgend findet ihr eine Liste mit allen Unlocks.

Vier Vehicle Warfare Unlocks:

  • Improved Vehicle Armour – An up-armour package is mounted on all vehicle types, decreasing the effect of both explosive and penetrating warheads, significantly improving vehicle survivability.
  • Supreme Vehicle Firepower – Additional weapon packages are mounted for the driver of all armoured vehicles, greatly expanding the range of targets the vehicle can successfully engage and destroy.
  • Vehicle Motion Sensor – Use this electronics warfare package to locate enemy units in direct proximity to the vehicle.
  • Tracer Dart Pistol – This magnetic dart attaches to any vehicle surface, allowing squad members to track, lock on, and fire rockets onto moving targets even beyond line of sight.

Zwei klasissche Battlefield 1943 Waffen:

  • M1A1 Submachine Gun – Reliable but heavy this classic weapon is a powerful force in the hands of any Battlefield veteran.
  • M1911 Pistol – Highly customized M1911 are favoured for its dependability and the power of its large .45 caliber round.

Zusätzlich zu dieser Ankündigung wurden auch sechs neue Screenshots veröffentlicht, die ihr in unserer Galerie findet.

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